IDP Quantec

Quantec Ltd developed IDP® and is based in Hamilton, New Zealand, in the heart of one of the world’s most renowned dairying regions.

The Waikato Region is home to over a third of New Zealand’s dairy farms. New Zealand’s dairy production is almost exclusively grass-fed, pastoral grazing-based production, resulting in some of the highest content of milk solids in the world from a relatively low-stress environment.

Quantec Limited has specialized in the development of in high-value bioactive compounds from Dairy products. These bioactives are developed into proprietary formulations for use in finished product applications such as human and animal health.

Quantec maintains a committed and highly talented group of scientists, engineers and sales and marketing experts in both animal and human health. With decades of experience in chemistry, microbiology, animal science, physiology and engineering, this team has a proven track record of taking novel, world-first products to market.

Quantec offices at the Waikato Innovation Park, Hamilton, New Zealand

Our offices at the Waikato Innovation Park, Hamilton, New Zealand