IDP® a Specialized Suite of Bioactive Proteins

IDP® is comprised of an un-fractionated blend of six well known and highly bioactive proteins, which are only found in raw unprocessed whole milk or colostrum.

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IDP® Applications

epiology is the newest application for IDP. It is a clinically proven skincare range that combines the unique features of killing acne bacteria and reducing inflammation. Anti-acne without the the redness and dramatically improves complexion.

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New OraBurst gum containing IDP

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A totally new Ingredient for skincare and personal care with a clinically proven & patented bioactive protein complex.

Four Reasons to Consider IDP®


1IDP has a high level of clinical and scientific support. It has been tested in vitro and in vivo.

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2 IDP IDP has been shown to support the natural protective enzymes found around the mouth, gums  and throat.

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3New research suggests that IDP can support the skin’s natural defenses against acne and  redness.

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Latest News

4Please check back here regularly for the latest in news and current  events from Quantec Ltd and  IDP®….

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